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Kazuya and Heihachi stand on a volcano where they planned to fight, Heihachi starts beating Kazuya, before Kazuya turns into an excellent upgrade of his Devil issue kind. They fight, and Kazuya and Heihachi begin punching each other, Kazuya punches Heihachi inside the chAest and watches as Heihachi headbutts Kazuya, as Kazuya can barely stand, he gets flashbacks of everything that happened to him, seeing but his father threw him off a formation that his father killed his mother inside the games before and once. Kazuya gets mad and hits Heihachi with a robust punch that stops Heihachi's heart, inflicting Heihachi to fall to the lowest and die. Kazuya throws Heihachi's lifeless body into the volcano with Kazuya speech those words: "A fight is regarding WHO is left standing. Nothing else".

However, Kazuya notices Akuma is in addition not dead, as he dodges Akuma's Gohadoken and issue to battle him in his super devil kind another time. as a result of the volcano began to erupt as Devil Kazuya's Devil workman and Akuma's Messatsu Gohado clashed, the last word outcome of the fight is unknown.

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